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  • To have more Fun, Connection and Passion in your life!

  • To master Attraction, Relationship and Communications skills that will take all of your Relationships to the next level!

  • To Understand the Opposite Sex and how to Stop Self-Sabotaging yourself in ALL of your Relationships.


I know the struggles of CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, ATTITUDE/MINDSET, COMMUNICATION, BALANCE and all those crazy issues that plague our lives.

I have 25+ years of coaching and communications expertise and helping people to create new opportunities for the life of their dreams… better jobs, more money, better vitality, better relationships and even yes, the love life of their dreams. I can help YOU into becoming all you are destined to be!

Even as a Sexuality, Hormone and Nutrition Advisor, I recently felt ill-equipped to handle my own relationship issues. Fiona coached me through the most challenging heart-break of my life and patiently guided me step by step to come to understand what was IN my control and what was NOT in my control. She also helped me find the learning and growth that was only possible from moving through the heartbreak.

Now, as I a navigate a new relationship, Fiona has once again coached me to have a bigger vision of what is possible, not to live in judgement and be clear in what really IS. Fiona truly understands the differences between men and women and is able to convey this in meaningful, useful ways. No BS, ever, yet always compassionate and wise!

I have found a ton of value and comfort in knowing that she is there as my guide and sounding board.

Camille Lawson
Hormones, Sexuality & Health Advisor • www.TheErosGroup.com

What a wonderful conversation we had last week! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Later that day I got a text from a guy I was interested in wanting to see me and so I invited him to an event. I can see now this is the beginning of a possibility. Woo hoo. It felt good to be with a man again knowing he was interested in me. I allowed myself to receive throughout the evening. It was fun and we will be seeing each other again. Slowly does it …!

Gail Scott
February 3, 2015

Fiona has such a gift of taking the BS out of my vocabulary, she transforms my ‘story’ and focuses on my truth! I was feeling confused and not having any fun right now in life and after speaking to her, I have concrete to do’s that really work for me and I feel clearer and way more focused and positive. I am definitely back on my goddess shoes!” (12/9/11)

Update 9, 2014: “Fiona…I am getting married!!! I wish you could join us at my Bachelorette Party – some of my friends could do with your expertise!

Margaret Romero, NYC
Nurse Practitioner, Founder: Sleek Sexy Strong

Want to really know what is going on in your relationships? Want to hear the straight truth (which is often bold yet totally compassionate) a key element of becoming “unstuck” in your relationship? Need someone to help you see through the foggy complexity of relationship issues? Fiona has an uncanny ability to understand and appreciate what is at the core of relationship dynamics and is wonderfully effective at coaching you through them!

Sandy Rutherford (2010)