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Fiona provides the tools and techniques to build bridges in the situations where women and men need to work with, compete with, play with, learn from, and relate to each other better to REDUCE STRESS, INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY and IMPROVE COMMUNICATIONS.

Men and women need to navigate better in each others world and out in the world to have the job, the teams, the employees, the money, the relationships, and even the life of their dreams.

Fiona knows how to bring people together to fix the disharmony that happens as a result of not understanding that men and women think, work, react and make decisions differently. She also teaches how people of different backgrounds and generations can understand each other better and work together to improve their results.

Educated as an Engineer and working successfully as a woman in a man’s world of STEM for over 30 years, Fiona earned six figures by the time she was 28 and achieved her goal of financial independence by the time she was 40. She is uniquely qualified to coach, speak, train and support individuals and organizations to transcend and improve gender and generational COMMUNICATIONS and RELATIONSHIP dynamics.

"Fiona teaches people how to communicate better by understanding each other more. Better communications among co­workers means a better business which results in more success for all. Listen to what she has to say. You will be uncomfortable at times, but you will learn!"
Larry Winget
Speaker & NYT bestselling author, Grow A Pair •
"Fiona is a rare gem in the speaking world. She quietly reels you in and you never even saw the bait. Once caught there is no fighting, you don't want to let go because the wisdom and the laughs are unstoppable. You become quietly transformed and eternally grateful."
Suzanne Evans
The Tell-It-Like-It-Is, No Fluff Boss of Business Building & NYT Bestselling Author •
"Fiona is unlike most women I have ever met or done business with! Her direct, candid approach is very refreshing. She offers a great breath in supporting women and in fact helped me review my skill set and focus on my strengths so I can showcase them to potential clients and employers...Working with her has been a game changer for me!!!"
Marta Hill Gray
CEO, Gray Matter Group/SCE Inc. •
"Want to really know what is going on in your relationship? Want to hear the straight truth (which is often bold yet totally compassionate) a key element of becoming “unstuck” in your relationship? Need someone to help you see through the foggy complexity of relationship issues? Fiona has an uncanny ability to understand and appreciate what is at the core of relationship dynamics and is wonderfully effective at coaching you through them!"
­Sandy Rutherford (2010)
"Fiona is the one­-two punch of transformation! I consider her a mentor. She’s guided me through huge transitions where I felt stuck in both my personal life and career. Her advice is delivered compassionately and often it’s radical yet always honest and practical – no B.S."
K. Maya, Canada
"Fiona has acted as a confidant and coach for me for the past 8+ years while I’ve been through many personal and professional high and lows. During the high periods, Fiona has ensured that my feet remain grounded and during the low periods she’s prevented me from wallowing or getting lost in sorrow... I have transformed my professional and personal life to a place that I’m more happy with both today and the long term. Work with Fiona if you want a no‐B.S., no holds barred discussions and results."
Saurabh Thakar
Management team for Tier 1 Bank ‐ Toronto, Canada

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Thank you for signing up to Fiona's newsletter. Check your inbox to confirm being added to our list. She doesn't write often yet when she does you don't want to miss it!

“Fiona approaches today’s relationship issues in a fun and thought provoking way with tangible and inspiring takeaways.”
“Fiona has a gift to take a contentious topic and make it fun and funny without losing the impact of the message!”

Fiona’s gift is her ability to see both sides of the story and to bring about discussion as well as open and bold communication that affects change. CHANGE THAT MATTERS. Go to the blog.