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Fiona is a highly regarded Author, Speaker, Trainer and Coach. Her dramatic life story of spectacular success as a woman in a man’s world informs her core philosophy of living an optimal life and taking 100% accountability for it. As a Coach and Communications Expert, Fiona focuses on helping modern men and women get out of their own way to lead fabulous, fully conscious lives of optimal prosperity, vitality and epic relationships. Fiona is also an invaluable asset for organizations that need their employees working at peak performance – functioning harmoniously and effectively alongside one another and as members of high-performing teams. She provides specialized training and support to the recruitment sector.

Fiona on Relationships


Read some testimonials from clients who have seen a dramatic change in their prosperity, team productivity and relationships:

From the coaching I’ve done with Fiona I’ve made huge shifts and have a much more positive mindset and her corporate/career coaching just helped me land my dream job! She’s really taught me how to be empowered, how to be true to me, how to address what’s holding me back – and so much more. Not once have I ever felt judged by Fiona and she’s always empathetic.

Fiona has helped me achieve major freedom in my life – and for that I will always be thankful to her.

K. M. W.
eCommerce Sr. Specialist, Canada

As COO of a financial software company, Fiona worked with me and others in the executive team to acquire some of the best talent we hired. Unlike most other consultants we’d worked with, Fiona actually came to our offices frequently and took the time to meet with me and my team to assess what our real needs were. She would always help us manage our expectations and re-align our ‘ask’ to make it realistic in terms of being able to find the high level of talent we wanted in a meaningful period of time. This allowed us to hire a better fit faster. At the same time, it ensured that expectations on both sides of the equation, after the initial onboarding, were well met. In other words, both sides knew exactly what they were walking into. No other consultant I have worked with took the time to understand and set expectations with such clarity!

Chief Operating Officer – Financial Services Company Toronto, Ontario

Fiona was recommended to me as a great resource for professional guidance and support for a significant career negotiation that I was entering into. Over the weeks that followed, Fiona and I worked closely to successfully gain a much deeper understanding of the client’s offering and the opportunity. Through our joined efforts I feel that I really gained significant ground and better understood my position. Fiona’s guidance allowed me to clarify what I could expect and what I wanted to ask for in order to generate the outcome that I wanted. And we got that. I received the desired offer detailing exactly what I was looking for! The strategy and work we did was invaluable.

I gained a lot from this exercise in negotiation and communication strategy that has been carried into both my professional and personal life and I continue to use these tools today. It was such a positive experience working with Fiona that I have already recommended her to several people in my network.

J. Ansara
Digital Analytics Expert

Fiona is unlike most women I have ever met or done business with! Her direct, candid approach is very refreshing. She offers a great breadth in supporting women and in fact helped me review my skill set and focus on my strengths so I can showcase them to potential clients and employers. With her vast experience she cut through to the essence of who I am and what needed to be said and how to say it to get the results I want. In so doing she allowed me to see myself and my talents in a much different light.  Working with her has been a game changer for me!! That she is now someone I trust and look to for advice and guidance is truly my good fortune.

M. Hill Gray
CEO – Gray Matter Group/ SCE Inc.