Easy, Lucrative & Fun (E.L.F)

How Do You Do A ‘Total System Reboot’?
I was a good girl – that is until the age of 46…What I mean was, I think I did pretty much what society, my skills, my talents and my upbringing dictated that I do to become a “success”. I got solid A’s in high school and went straight into Engineering at 17 at a university away from home and graduated one of 35 women in a class of 350+ men. I took one of the 2 job offers I was offered during the recession of ‘83 (while my friends went to Europe).

Break Free From ‘Expectation Hangovers’

So let’s imagine it’s Monday morning…For a pleasant change you’ve awakened refreshed and ready to start your week after a great relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. It feels likes it’s going to be a great day – yet something also feels weirdly different. You look at your clock for the time, and realize your alarm never went off. CRAP! You should have been at work thirty minutes ago! With a day full of meetings and paperwork that now needs to be pushed back or rescheduled, your chest starts to constrict…

Do You Wish You Can Do It #LikeAGirl?!

Did you watch the Super Bowl this year? Depending on the team you were rooting for, it was the most marvelous or heart-wrenching game in NFL history. Yet during the Super Bowl only two other things mattered other than the final score; the halftime show and the commercials. Out of all the awesome million dollar, male audience driven, ad time slots during Super Bowl XLIX there was only one of true global impact, and it was for feminine hygiene products – ALWAYS pads – at best a bizarre product…