When you hire Fiona you get the benefit of over 20 years of communications, sales and coaching expertise from a top performing female Communications and Coaching expert.

You also get a business woman who achieved great success in male-dominated industries, emerging as a role model for female entrepreneurs and business leaders across North America. Fiona is a bridge for opening results based dialogue and mutual understanding between the sexes – between the different generations – between teams – between employers and employees – and between hiring companies and job seekers.

Fiona draws upon her business and consulting experiences, combining humor and thought provoking wisdom to help your audience or team identify with the intended key messages and to affect the CHANGE THAT MATTERS.


Fiona on Relationships

Keynotes and Breakout session topics often include:

  • “Communication Chaos: Why It’s So Hard To Communicate Between The Genders & Generations

  • “Communications Redefined: Powerful Shifts to Impact Your Results Now”

  • “If You Don’t Have The Job of Your Dreams­ Don’t Blame Your Boss!”

To inquire about Fiona SPEAKING or as a TRAINER, please CONTACT: info@thebryangroup.ca


“Fiona teaches people how to communicate better by understanding each other more. Better communications among co­workers means a better business which results in more success for all. Listen to what she has to say. You will be uncomfortable at times, but you will learn!”

Larry Winget
Speaker & 6 Times NYT bestselling Author, Grow A Pair • LarryWinget.com


“Fiona is a rare gem in the speaking world. She quietly reels you in and you never even saw the bait. Once caught there is no fighting, you don’t want to let go because the wisdom and the laughs are unstoppable. You become quietly transformed and eternally grateful.”

Suzanne Evans
The Tell-It-Like-It-Is, No Fluff Boss of Business Building & NYT Bestselling Author • SuzanneEvans.org


“Fiona is a true professional and a pleasure to have on my stage.  Her positive  energy is contagious and she captured the audience immediately.  Attendees laughed and rolled their eyes as she shared her stories of “Lessons from the Landing Strip” – outlining how different genders and generations communicate.  Fiona offers a unique mix of confidence and vulnerability that really draws an audience in.”

Lauren Pibworth
Host of momondays Barrie • pibworthps.com


“I loved seeing Fiona speak in L.A.! She uses such memorable, laugh-out-loud stories on how men and women approach life and communicate differently, and the often resulting misunderstandings. Not only were the stories entertaining, engaging and humorous, they highlighted the degree to which we must be aware of our differences so that we create positive change in our relationships with the opposite sex.”

Marla Mac
Money Coach & Certified Cash Flow Specialist • HealthyWallet.com


“As a fellow educator and entertainer, I can say with authority that the most important part of your job is to give information that evokes “Aha!” moments from your audience and this happened over & over during Fiona’s keynote. The information shared was invaluable and delivered in a very clear, concise and direct style that really gets the message home to the ear of the listener. From the nods and the laughter, everybody in the room went away with something valuable & a better understanding of how to communicate effectively – even with the opposite sex. Priceless!”

Dave LaFame
Emcee and Performer

“At her seminars and public events, Fiona is focused yet bold as she delivers “AHA” moments to her audience. She does it with passion and verve because Fiona truly believes it is part of her life’s work to support and advocate for women and men to create positive change in their communications and relationships through a deeper understanding of gender differences.”

“Fiona’s workshops are fun, dynamic and full of real-life examples, including the very thought provoking yet often humorous differences between men and women and how those differences impact the thoughts and actions of each gender or generation.”

Comments from Past Audiences:

“Fiona approaches today’s relationship issues in a fun and thought provoking way with tangible and inspiring takeaways.”

“Fiona has a gift to take a contentious topic and make it fun and funny without losing the impact of the message.”

“Fiona totally got the room buzzing and engaged!”