In this essential guide to relationships and dating for women, Fiona is here to set the record straight – in her no-holds-barred, unapologetic, and sassy way. So stop floating down the river “DE-NIAL” and start living your best life!



So many women today are stuck in a rut when it comes to their love lives and relationships. Even as strong, successful, super-achieving women, we are taught how to give, not take; how to please others, not ourselves and to settle for good enough instead of fabulous. In this book, Fiona rewrites the rules to romance and cuts through all the B.S. to give you straight talk on how to have the love life and relationships of your dreams – without the drama, angst or losing your self in the process.

“Fiona is a wise woman! She speaks to every woman on the planet. As a sex therapist and relationship counselor, I have spent three decades helping people. Now with Fiona’s book, I have another fine addition to my library. After reading her book Babe In Total Control of Herself you’ll want to send her a thank-you note!”
Dr. Diana Wiley, Ph.D.
Board-Certified Sex Therapist & Radio Show Host
Babe in Total Control of Herself (B.I.T.C.H) contains nuggets of wisdom every woman should devour in the journey towards living a fully-expanded life. From relationship advice to style advice to financial advice, Fiona covers all bases. She reminds women to use their feminine power to stop living someone else’s dreams…and start living their own!”
Wendy Hernandez, Phoenix, AZ
The Family Law Insider Podcast •
“Based on the book title, I was somewhat reluctant to read this book. I mean what on earth could Fiona tell me that I had not learned the hard way on my own? Well I was hooked at the Table of Contents! I started with Chapter 3 as I was captivated by, “Men Chase, Women Choose”. I could not agree more, but had never seen it presented that way. For those women who wanted the ever evasive “HANDBOOK” as to how to really enjoy men and be a full partner – this is it! By the way, I think men will enjoy this book too! This is a MUST READ!”
Marta Hill Gray,
Virginia, USA

Fiona (Relationship & Communications Expert)
Shares Specifics On:

  • The SECRET POWER all women are born with… and how to use it!
  • Dating rules that NEED to be broken.
  • How to put the FUN back into dating.
  • What the courtesans of 15th century Europe can teach a ‘modern day feminist’.
  • The “Holy Grail” of orgasms and how to find the right man to be BLISSED out in the bedroom.
  • Demystifying men: What really goes on in the MALE MIND… and much more!

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